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Textibles will forever be based on everyday products that standout in quality, functionality and style and made in the USA.

Rock The Role is my first brand launch and I'm located in San Rafael CA. I started in May of 2021. I am building a brand through an experience when I was married. My name is Laurie and this is my story:

My husband, at the time, began transitioning to a woman during our marriage and on our 10 year anniversary we went to Hawaii as "girl friends". I said you must Rock The Role then!  I was instrumental in helping him migrate to the person he was inside over the years with supporting him/her on a journey that became mine too.

Being true to yourself is very important.  ROCK THE ROLE!

Guess what? ALL products are MADE IN THE USA! (not kidding)

I know you'll enjoy!

Whatever you are, Rock The Role!